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concrete resurfacing

We have been doing concrete resurfacing since 1998. Add beauty & durability to your next concrete project.
Licensed & Insured. You can be confident your next concrete project will be done right by Dr. Concrete.

Concrete Repair

Our professionals can repair just about any deteriorated concrete & resurfcae it to your custom patterns. Change those plain worn down cocnrete steps into a beatifully designed part of your home. Choose your own designs.

Concrete logos

Businesses can add company logos right to concrete entery ways, sidewalks, showroom floors. Schools can add the mascot emblem & home owners can add any custom artwork or logo to almost any concrete surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is concrete resurfacing?

Concrete resurfacing is a technique using acrylic cement products to repair, beautify and protect against the elements on just about any concrete surface including sidewalks, driveways, steps, patios, pool decks and more.

What is the process for resurfacing concrete?

We thoroughly power wash the concrete surface to open up the pores to except the acrylic based product for the best adhesion to the surface of the concrete. Cracks in the concrete are “V” grinded with a diamond encrusted blade to open them up to accept the 2 part epoxy based concrete repair product. Then saw cuts are introduced into the concrete to relieve the stress that usually causes the cracking. Once the concrete repair work is completed, we use hand tools and small compressors to complete the beautification process and then top coated with strong acrylic sealer.

What causes concrete to crack?

The most common problem with concrete cracking is the lack of expansion joints to relieve stress from freeze and thaw cycles of the surrounding ground. Another cause is tree roots, foliage and ground erosion that can not support the concrete weight.

Will you cause damage to my property?

We use only small air compressors, hand held concrete saws and hand tools to do the concrete resurfacing process.There is no heavy equipment used that will ruin your property. After clean up of the work site, the only thing left is to enjoy your new unique concrete surface.

Is my concrete too damaged for concrete repair or concrete resurfacing?

On very rare occasions some concrete has to be replaced, which we can handle that too.

How long has the resurfacing of concrete been around?

Concrete resurfacing products have been in use for 20+ years and have evolved greatly for many different applications, colors and patterns.

Is there a warranty on my concrete resurfacing?

CTI products offer a 10 year warranty against delamination and excessive color loss as long as the guide lines are met for application. Also the concrete resurfacing project has to have maintenance by a licensed dealer every 2 to 3 years. Which requires to be power washed and resealed with acrylic sealers.